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This is a kind of taboo subject. It’s something that is very evident, but not a lot of people are actually talking about it. Homosexuality is actually a crime in most African countries, and we already know how homosexuality is viewed throughout the Caribbean nations, but surely there’s some history as to why homosexuality is so heavily frowned upon within the black community more than any other ethnic group.

If you didn’t know, during the times of slavery not only were the women raped, but also the men and boys, and sometimes other slaves were forced to watch this. By humiliating and taking away a their self-worth it brings the whole group down, especially during those times the man is deemed as the “leader and provider,” mentally weakening them into submission, and also out of fear if anyone else tried to defy them.

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It’s well documented that slaves were taken from Africa and are now all over the world, from the Caribbean, all the way to the USA. Now, if you think about it, slavery ended just about 150 years ago, but that torment and anguish are still fresh, and it would definitely be fresh when slavery was abolished in 1865. I’m sure what they went through would leave them with a lot of anger and resentment. That built up anger from the men being raped would definitely be passed on from generation to generation. Now, I don’t know if gay slaves were actually captured, but even so, I would presume there would be A LOT more straight males than gays, and everybody knows the majority overrules, so what they went through, what they saw, and how it made them feel would dominate how things went moving forward.

Everything I’ve previously mentioned has almost overshadowed what homosexuality actually is, and has just focused on the act of the sexual encounter between two males. Of course, I know females can also be attracted to each other, but I focus solely on the males because back in those days the male was the dominant figure in everything, and women had no say. They most probably had Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from those encounters, so mixing all those things together, imagine how they would feel.

(I mean just watch this)

But, we’re in 2019 now, and I feel we as a people have gained a lot more information on homosexuality, and we should be moving forward as much as the other non-black nations, accepting the fact it’s as normal as someone being left-handed. I use the left-handed example because if you didn’t know, back in days children were forced to use their right hand to write. Using your left was deemed and “Bad” or “Evil” (another way religion has made this a “thing,” but I don’t want to get into that), until people became more aware and accepted the fact that LEFT HANDED PEOPLE DO EXIST!

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(Botswana’s high court have recently ruled in favour of decriminalizing homosexuality)

I know being left-handed and being gay is not the same, but in terms of the ratio from its opposite, the numbers are way less, but one is still frowned upon when the other is not. I wanted to talk about it in our community and why it’s so heavily frowned upon compared to other ethnic groups, and hopefully there was some insight into my reasons why. Still, I’m not condoning it, and we still have a very long way to go, but there’s always two sides to the story and I think this is the most logical take on it.


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By now means I am saying this is 100% facts, but this is my take on it. I would love to know your opinion on the matter, lets make this a discussion!

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