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There’s this negative stigma around black fathers about how they “leave their children” and etc. And though this happens across every single race, it’s mostly just centered around black men, which isn’t right. There are plenty of black fathers out there who look after their child, whether they are with or separated from the mother and there are a lot of single black fathers who are hardly even talked about doing a magnificent job.

I feel with black people especially, it has almost become the “norm” to portray us in a negative manner no matter the case, and that isn’t right.

Relaying this back to the relationship with my father it’s a bit…

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I’m not going to lie its kind of awkward. And I’m not one to feel awkward really. I mean, I may feel a bit scared of have anxiety in some situations, but I never feel awkward. This situation is just a bit sticky still, because how things are with my Mum and Dad, it feels like I’m in the middle and “I have to pick a side” when that isn’t me, I don’t like being in conflict honestly, so being surrounded by that energy is kind of hard you know. And adding on to that, I’ve heard so many stories about my father I would rather not know.

(look at my face lol)

My thing is I can’t be mad or hostile towards someone that hasn’t done anything to me. True he hasn’t been there for a lot of my life, but that hasn’t necessarily done anything to me. It hasn’t caused me harm, it hasn’t caused me to miss any meals, etc. so from a personal point of view, I can’t really be mad at him.

This subject from a personal point of view is very touchy because like I said I don’t want to feel like I’m “picking sides,” so I’m going to end with this.

Fathers are very important in a child’s life, and you can honestly see the dynamic when a father is present in a child’s life. There are so many black fathers out there who do their part to the best of their ability. So let’s take time to appreciate all the black fathers out there who are trying their best no matter how difficult their circumstances are.


If you have any fond memories of your father please feel free to send them in, or comment them down below

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