E3 2019 – Electronic Arts (EA Play)

This has taken a long time, and it’s taken longer than I thought because I’ve had so much stuff to do and once I’m done I would be so tired to watch and write about a conference, but finally, let’s get into it.

First up is EA Play, and… it was fucking shit. A complete waste of time if you ask me, but let me talk about it.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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If I’m going to keep it 100 with y’all, I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong the game looks absolutely amazing, but it all seemed so bland. Whilst watching it I was waiting for the combat segment to start, and though “it looks good” the whole thing seemed very bland to me. There was no cohesion between the AI enemies and everything seemed so easy. It was like they were waiting for you to deflect their shots or force push them, and the fun element didn’t seem to be there.

Apex Legends was up next, and the new legend Watson seemed kool but meh. They could have shown a quick trailer for her, the other things and moved on, but they dragged the whooooooooollllllllllleeeeeeeee thing. All of that talking just for; there’s a new legend, there are new skins and other little new stuff which I honestly do not care about.

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Battlefield V was another drag of a segment when all they had to show for it was new maps and the increase in rank to 500.

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I didn’t buy FIFA last year, and when I did play it I’m glad I didn’t. FIFA 20 showed off it’s new Volta mode bringing FIFA BACK TO THE STREETS. What they failed to mention though is that it’s…single player, so what’s the actual point. Then they just started talking about “How the ball moves differently,” and “How the players move differently” (like the same bullshit won’t happen in the coming game), and to be honest with y’all, I’m just so over FIFA now, and so over this conference way before this point.

Me being from the UK Madden 20 had zero of my interest (although they mentioned some sort of special abilities for star players), and then came… Sims 4. Now, I have Sims 4 and let me tell you all now. IT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST DOWNGRADES FROM IT’S PREDOSECCOUR EVER! That island bullshit they were talking about doesn’t change the fact the game is trash, like, WHO CARES!

I know EA has a bad reputation within the gaming community, and maybe this outdoor conference was a way to change that perception and make it seem that they are all bubbly and nice, but this is definitely in the top 2 worst E3 press conferences I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Greg Miller was so over-talkative of the developers, unnecessarily loud, extremely unfunny, and it just made the whole thing awkward. IN FACT, none of the presenters did themselves any favours and they were just as awkwardly bad as each other.

They wasted over how many hours with mediocre announcements, and I was already bored of the show after Star Wars segment till the whole thing just became background noise, all in all, equating to a terrible show.

I would give this press conference 0/5 stars, but just because I think the new legend Watson looks kool, and the Star Wars game looks graphically incredible, I’ll give it 1/5 stars. But honestly EA, you need to fix up.

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