I’m actually struggling to think about something that I can write a decent amount on, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much does it (or maybe it does). I’m going to make this an open discussion (even though I know no one is going to comment), but my question to you is, what do you feel the perception of Nintendo is in this current era?

First and foremost, no one can take away what Nintendo has done for the gaming community as a whole. Without them all these other companies wouldn’t even exist, to be honest, they are the pioneers, the alpha and omega and the father of the forefathers. But fast-forwarding to now, it kind of seems they’ve been left behind. Maybe it’s because we’ve all grown up and we all like “shooting at shit now,” and jumping over blocks with below amateur enemies isn’t as fun as it once was. But even back then with the N64 and Gameboy, there were still some serious big boy games, but it seems like with the graphical incapabilities (in comparison to the Xbox and PlayStation) and mostly being overlooked by most games, they have kind of been forced to stick to this lane.

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Being the powerhouse they have become, Nintendo has been able to build strong franchises such as; the Mario world, Zelda, Pokemon, and many others, and this is what they are living off till this very day. Super Smash and all that is kool, but as a 23-year-old it’s not at the forefront of the games I’m eager to play right now. And even now, the kids of this generation are playing more adult games than we did (bar fortnite), so for me, it’s like, how long are you going to keep surviving of nostalgia because we’re all getting older, and the kids aren’t “kids” like we were.

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I personally feel without Mario and co, Nintendo would have ended up like SEGA (even though they had Sonic), and a once powerhouse in the gaming world has almost become a joke console in my eyes, but let me know your thoughts on Nintendo.

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  1. darthtimon says:

    Nintendo have always bucked the trend. They’re not interested in the performance battles between Sony and Microsoft (though their closer relationship with Microsoft could yield interesting fruit). Nintendo want to stand out. This is why we’ve had good, innovative ideas (the Wii, the Switch), and not so good ideas (Wii U). I guess I’d like to see Nintendo merge their creative streak with the power of an X-Box, giving us the likes of Zelda, on an even bigger, more sophisticated scale than Breath of the Wild managed.

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    1. officialosi says:

      I get your point, and would also like to see them match the power of the Xbox and co, taking their games to the next level. My thing is how long they can keeping bucking the trend and staying current enough to still be mentioned because it seems they’re slipping away

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