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Kind of a touchy subject, but let me start by saying this is not a “versus” thing as to say it’s a “fight” because one isn’t better than the other. I just feel like there’s this divide within the black community that needs to be discussed.

I have to start by saying that I one million percent understand the way darker-skinned black people are viewed, and how they are treated compared to lighter-skinned individuals in which I do not agree with (mostly the women). Lighter skinned individuals are deemed as “more attractive” whilst darker-skinned individuals are ridiculed with negative stereotypes and viewed as “uglier,” which I feel has caused a divide in the community. I’m not sure what the correct words are to use as to why, but I would say it’s a mixture of envy and resentment.

(It took a while to find this video because I think it’s been deleted).

To say ALL DARK SKINNED PEOPLE ARE UGLY is complete madness, and to say ALL LIGHT-SKINNED PEOPLE ARE HEAVENLY is insanity. I know throughout the years (and even now) the representation of dark-skinned individuals in entertainment has been scarce, recently there was a video with Tory Lanez highlighting this in the industry (though it’s up for debate whether it was a publicity stunt or not).

From the lighter slaves been favoured during slavery times (because they were the children of the slave masters) all the way up to now with the underrepresentation of individuals with darker skin in the media and whether you realise it or not, it has subconsciously implanted the notion that “light skin is better,” which is not the case at all.

In recent years there has been more of a push for the empowerment of black people with a darker shade in which I am all for, but going back on the “resentment and envy” thing I touched on, ON OCCASIONS (NOT ALL THE TIME) it feels like it’s done with the “bashing” of light-skinned individuals, which isn’t right either. TO ME it feels like it’s a thing where it’s like “We can say ‘this’ about light-skinned people and you should be able to take it because you’re already put on a pedestal, but saying anything to us is hate.”

I can’t find both the tweets, but I’m sure everyone is familiar (from UK black twitter) with the tweet of Jorja Smith looking like Fredo and it was laughs, which is fine. I can’t remember the exact tweet, but someone said Yewande from Love Island looks like one person and all of a sudden it was “You’re being colourist” and all that stuff, but really, what’s the difference between the two tweets? TO ME (and I have to keep expressing that because I’m not saying it’s fact) it almost seems that if you don’t find a dark-skinned woman attractive, or poke fun at one, you’re (insert your choice of words here), but it seems acceptable to do it for light-skinned people.

Let me wrap up because out of everything I’ve said this will be the most important thing. If you feel a certain shade is more “superior” than another you’re very very stupid and should unlearn this notion because:

  1. It’s incorrect
  2. It’s false

No matter whether you’re light or dark-skinned, through a racist’s eyes, you’re still a “nigger,” and this fighting amongst ourselves doesn’t help our cause as ONE PEOPLE. There’s only so far you can blame “society” and the “system” because I don’t think it’s a problem caused by them anymore, it’s now become internalised and YES, we need to uplift and empower our dark-skinned black brothers and sisters without the notion that it’s a battle.


This went a lot smoother in my head, and I did struggle to write down everything how I envisioned in my head. So if anything comes across in “some type of way,” I would like to say sorry now because that is not my intention and I hope it didn’t come across that way.

Let me know what you think on this topic though because I think it’s something that should be discussed in a mature manner.

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