Xbox Fan Boy

From choosing the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3 (PS3) (which was the right choice), and the battles in school we used to have between the Xbox and PlayStation users on which one was better, I’ve kind of built this connection with the console like it’s my ride or die.

Image result for ride or die gif

So seeing how every one of my friends has jumped ship, and how the tides have turned between the console wars kind of hurts you know lol.

Image result for pursuit of happiness gif

I’m not rich, so if I have to get a console I would have to get one, and as much as I do not want to jump ship like everyone else, playing “online by yourself” is kind of lonely.

Image result for lonely gif

2020 is a big year for Xbox, and if they don’t deliver at their E3 Press Conference it’s going to be lights out for them. In my review of Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference for this year (E3 2019 – Microsoft) I did talk about how I thought they have given up and are solely focusing for the future, so let’s see how that future pans out when the time comes.

Worse comes to worst I would have become rich by then and be able to buy both 😊.

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