Superhero Games

With the Avengers game being announced at E3 this year, it made me think as to why there has been a lack of superhero games in current times, and why most of them have been a straight miss.

Apart from the most recent Spider-Man and the Batman series, can you think of any good superhero games? It seems weird because you would think these would be the perfect type of games to make and succeed with, but for some reason, they always fall below standard. Maybe this has scared developers into making new ones, I mean Suicide Squad came out quite recently, but there was no game for that, and I honestly don’t know why there is such a disconnect with the two.

Let me know what you guys think about this though.

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  1. mbjk950303 says:

    make sense, but i don`t play video game lol, if super man has game, i will totally go for it, i am a big fan.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Superman actually has multiple games actually, but even the most recent one was waaaayyyy back (and even that one wasn’t good lol)

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