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I remember when Rockstar was talking about how they would continue adding new content to the game online “increasing its longevity.” And they have delivered on that promise with the Diamond Casino & Resort, but I feel this game died out a long time ago. I have to admit for the longest time it was fun, and I don’t remember any game that has kept my attention for that long. But with all the new missions, etc. It was still an endless cycle of just getting money shooting at people with not that much reward (bearing in mind what you had to do), and it just got boring for me. Maybe it’s because it’s still the “same game” and I’m so used to getting a new copy instead of new content in the same game, but I don’t think the game is playable like it was before (and we know how toxic the online community is on this lol).

Let me know what you think about GTA V, is it still playable? How is the new Diamond Casino Resort? Is the online community still as toxic as it used to be? Let me know your thoughts!

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