E3 2019 – Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital came back with their follow up to last years masterclass (in my opinion) with the continuation of Nina Struthers (Mahria Zook) being shot at the end of last years press conference. I thought last years performance was pretty engaging, and I liked the little digs they were taking at bigger companies, but this one didn’t seem to hit the mark for me. It was pretty boring, and apart from My Friend Pedro, no other game was interesting. It sucks because I was expecting another “show” from Devolver Digital, but this “new episode” was pretty bad in my eyes to the point I can’t even rate it, that’s right, it’ getting an N/A from me because it was pretty much nothing.

Here’s their press conference in full if you want to watch it, and let me know what you think about it.

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