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We’ve all been on bad dates in our time (well I haven’t), but that experience shouldn’t hinder us from having another one. But just in case you’re still feeling the blues from your last horror show, here are five ways to avoid having a bad date.


1. Come On Time (especially if you’re a man)

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I say especially if you’re a man because 9/10 the girl is going to be late. No one likes to wait for anyone in general, so make sure the time you agreed to meet up, is the time you get there (or beforehand). If something does arise, make sure to let the other person know that you’re going to be late, so they don’t stand/sit there looking like a damn fool. Communication is key.


2. Keep The Conversation Going

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This may be tricky sometimes, especially if it’s the first time meeting this person and you feel a bit nervous, BUT ALWAYS TRY AND KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING. No one wants long pauses creating awkward silences, and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. The best way to keep the conversation going is to ask questions about the other person; what do you do? How many siblings do you have? etc. These things will give you more questions to ask, and there might even be some funny stories that come out of it.


3. Smile

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This should be a no brainer, BUT SMILE. It’s a mirror effect, and it works wonders.


4. Make Them Laugh

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Laughter is the best medicine, and while talking to someone, you will find their “hotspots,” and the type of person they are. Most people don’t mind going back and forth, so if y’all can have light banter between each other then that’s a bonus.

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5. Scrub Up

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This should have been number one, to be honest. But please smell nice, please look good, don’t wear word down shoes, brush your teeth and tongue, JUST BE AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE!


These are my five tips to not having a bad date. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment, and happy dating

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