Berry – Spot of the Month (August)

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If you didn’t know I made two posts about about places to go, and things top do for your date (Berry – Date Ideas (Activities) [Part One] & Berry – Date Ideas (Activities) [Part Two]). Some people might not know where to find these places or wouldn’t know which one to go to, so every month I’m going to highlight a spot where you can take your date. Unfortunately this will just be for Londoners (because that’s where I’m from), but if you have any suggestions for other places in the world please feel free to let me know because I want to make this as accessible for everyone.

Ballie Ballerson

Man in a pit

This place is more than just a bar. With the addition of a ball pit, you can have the time of your life swimming through an ocean of over a million balls! What makes it better is that it’s adults-only, so you won’t have to worry about kids messing up the vibe.

In association with the Berry Dating App dedicated to Black Love #BlackLoveMatters


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