E3 2019 – PC Gaming Show

Sean Plott & Frankie Ward returned for the 2019 E3 PC Gaming Show, and it was A LOT. They promised us 30 games, but I’m sure it was waaayyyyy more than that, but let’s get into it.

There were so many games that I couldn’t even comprehend talking about each one. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was the first to pique my interest.

featured image vamprie - VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE -  BLOODLINES 2 Back From The Dead 15 Years Later

Chivalry 2 looked decent, but I would need to see more of it to make my final verdict.

Midnight Ghost Hunt was another game that looked kool. I really like the concept of the whole ghosts vs. hunters theme, and it seems it could work really well, so that’s another game to look forward to.

Remnant: From the Ashes was another game that piqued my interest. It seems like co-op shooter where you have to fight against evil creatures, and from the gameplay shown it looks like it plays incredibly well, so this game is another positive for the PC Gaming show.

But apart from these games, there weren’t anymore I could say “Yeah I would like to play that.” It’s either it was a cinematic trailer such as Zombie Army 4: Dead War. It looks good, but I don’t know anything about it to decide. And the other games were just shit (sorry).

The only other thing that I can talk about is the Samsung Curve TV which looked kind of kool, but let’s move on to the other negatives.

I feel the whole format of the show became a bit repetitive and boring; Little trailer here, developers come to the stage and talk after, then back to Frankie, then a new game (you see where I’m going with this). There was no variation in the show, and everything became a bit predictable. Also, a massive shout out to Sean Plott because he asked some really good questions and kept things going, but more time than not, the developers were awkward with their interactions making the viewing a bit…


The show wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. With the length of the show, the main aim should have been to keep the attention of the audience throughout. I don’t feel they were any curve balls thrown at us to take us off our feet, and the whole format of the show was very bland and repetitive. Taking everything into account, I’ll have to give the PC Gaming Show 2/5 stars. Again, I don’t think it was a “bad” show, but it did tend to drag on a bit, and it wasn’t exciting enough.


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