‘These’ Fighting Games

Apart from Tekken because I feel the mechanisms are slightly different (and I grew up on it), all these other fighting games are terrible to me. You’re probably thinking “What games are you talking about.” Well, I’m talking about the Street Fighters, Injustices, and the Mortal Kombats of the world.

I already know you guys would think I’m mad for even thinking this (especially with Mortal Kombat), but let me explain. Come to think of it, you’re probably going to hate me even more with my explanation, but one reason why is that it’s not fluid enough for me. When I’m fighting in games I’m normally used to a flurry of combos pressing one or two buttons, but games like Mortal Kombat and co. Feels more like; hit, wait, hit, wait, hit, etc. I mean, I know you can do combos on them, but it’s not like the Naruto or Dragonball Z games for example, and it just feels shit to me.

Those types of fighting games remind of how Pro Evolution Soccer used to move so robotic. It’s not fluid enough for me, and it takes the fun element out of it. You probably think I’m the only one who thinks this rhetoric, but I would still like to know what you guys think.

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