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I’ve talked about this in some sort of way in my “African Parents &…” (read them here: African Parents & ReputationAfrican Parents & ComparisonAfrican Parents & EntitlementAfrican Parents & Communication).

But now I want to talk about us, the future generation. I was meant to write some of this for the last part of “African Parents &…” But I guess it doesn’t matter.

Thinking about and experiencing the way our parents treated us or handled situations I can get it. During their times growing up, things were very different. And then going to a new country, which means starting from the bottom, basically putting them in “survival mode.” Added with the level of racism back then it even solidifies the survival mode, and 99% of our parents have not come out of that mindset.

When I was writing “African Parents &…” It wasn’t to bash them, but to highlight my frustration of how the majority of them have not been able to expand their frame of mind after living in a foreign country for so long, and just to see things differently from their life long new experience. I feel our generation is blessed by the fact we’ve been born in these foreign countries. It makes us more open-minded because we have seen both worlds.

We as people hold our culture very close to us, and I do feel that’s something we will pass down to our children whether you’re from the Caribbean or African. But this installation of “fear,” and neglecting our children’s emotions in a way that is detrimental to their future self is something we are all very aware not to do. I’ve talked about this before, but little things like; letting your child express how they feel (disagreement isn’t always disrespect), letting them make their own career choices and supporting them, just letting your child become the person THEY WANT TO BE!

Like I said before, I get it. It’s a survivor mentality, accompanied by the fact that when our parents were younger, the things now weren’t even considered viable. BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED NOW! I mean, Children are earning more than most adults by playing video games! The world is different now!

I’m just thankful that we as the next generation have taken what we have endured, understanding that we can raise our children in a better light. We are more open-minded because we have grown up in a different environment, and I genially believe the next generation of black children will change the world for the better!

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