Dying Light 2

During my E3 2019 – Square Enix review, I briefly mentioned how I didn’t even care for Dying Light 2 because of how shit the first one was (to me). But the boy theRadBrad recently uploaded the premier of the gameplay demo. And I must say I have to eat my words because the game looks amazing.

The free-running seems vastly improved, the world seems much more expansive, the combat looks very much improved, and I’m very intrigued with how Aiden is infected, but still human. there’s so many new things I want to find out, but the only way I can find out is to play the game. 

I’ve been fascinated with post-apocalyptic games since the Walking Dead series, so maybe I should give this one a go as well (even though I wouldn’t).

The link to gameplay demo will be below. Tell me what you think of the game and if you’re looking forward to it. 

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