Sunday 8th September 2019

It’s later than I said, but it’s here.

I think there are two things I didn’t fully make clear when I was talking about relationships. One thing was I don’t even get the chance to be given a reason to be ghosted on (it’ll literally be after a couple of messages and that’s it). Or if we have been talking and doing stuff for a while, there’s no actual reason for the “disappearance,” and that’s what bugs me.


P.S. I actually completed this post on Thursday 5th September, but after recording, I have to switch laptops to put a featured image (don’t ask, I know it’s long), but I got into one of my moods again. For this last week, I’ve been feeling completely lifeless when it hits 6 pm, and I end up not being able to move until I go to sleep. I’m usually very consistent on this page, but I haven’t been up to do many things lately. Even now I still feel terrible (but I have a meeting soon, so here I am), but I’ll try my best to get back to normal programming 😊 .

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