Qwhite Interesting Vol. 20


Racism has been very rife in football recently (again), but did it really ever go away? The most high profile incident was when Raheem Sterling was racially abused last season at a game versus Chelsea. He later posted these images on his Instagram account of how the media play a part in it. Here are three articles on three young footballers buying houses for their mum. Look how the headline differs when the colour darkens. Baring in mind they all play for the same club, but the black footballers are deemed to be “flashy and braggadocios,” whilst the white footballer is deemed “sweet and caring.”

Racism has got to be one of the stupidest things created by man. IT LITERALLY MAKES NO SENSE! The way the media treat Meagan Markle and all the ethnic individuals compared to their counterparts is sickening. Do I think racism will go away? Probably not. But when will people learn that this shit is fucking stupid.

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