Monday 16th September (20:15) [Open Letter]

There’s one human being I miss in my life. Like, in terms of a living vessel, she’s beneficial to life itself. A very shit texter lol (sorry not sorry, but I can’t even chat myself now lol), but not even specifically for me, but anyone needs a “her.” Do I have people like her now? Yes. But not “LIKE HER,” you get what I’m saying? Now I’m not withering away in my bed and everything, but I can look at it with a clear and conscious mind, and fully comprehend how beneficial “she” is. And I put her in quotations because I don’t necessarily mean her specifically, but that type of person that fully embodies the value she brings. I must reiterate that I have a few people like her you know, a few Neymar’s, Hazards, and Van Dijks. But there’s only one Ronaldo, you feel me? I think I say this more because I’ve never met someone who I’ve related more to ever. Most of our experiences in life are very similar so I just get her soo much. With that being said, if there’s one trait we both share, it’s we don’t forgive and forget lol. Do I think what I did was unforgivable? Not really (even putting the circumstances aside). I mean an artist writes from experiences in their lives, and at the time that was my emotion towards everything. And it just so happened that what happened added to that emotion, so it can be justified (to me anyway). But one thing I say is you can’t tell someone how to react to something. Although if you look at it from my side it’s a bit 😬, but I’ll take what has been given to me. Looking back it at now, the whole situation could have been handled differently, and… (there are so many things going through my head right now that I can’t even say anything so I’ll move on).

BUT MAINLY, this is what I want to say.

I never ever ever ever put the name of the person I’m talking about when I write these types of things, and I know you ain’t checking for man like that (because I’m blocked on everything), so Imma just put this out to the universe.

WHEREVER THE FUCK YOU ARE KYRA. I JUST WANT TO SAY I HOPE LIFE IS TREATING YOU A LOT BETTER SINCE THE LAST TIME WE SPOKE (PROPERLY). HOPEFULLY, DERBY HAS BECOME MORE POPPING IN RECENT TIMES. HOPEFULLY, THE MATHS HASN’T KILLED YOU LIKE IT KILLED ME. AND THAT YOU’RE POPPING IN THESE STREETS TIMES INFINITY NOW. I just want you to know it’s all love around this side honestly. I would like to thank me for going out (by myself might I add) and meeting you in the process. And I would like to thank you for welcoming me into your life, trust me, it’s more than appreciated. And last but not least, AS A MOTHER FUCKING LIVING AND BREATHING VESSEL I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. Via the universe because I know I can’t hit you up, and I know you ain’t gonna see this shit.

Yours Sincerely,

The Guy With the Yellow Fit.

This is probably written so bad, but this is straight no edits, so you know it’s real.

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    1. officialosi says:

      This could mean soooo many things


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