Knucks’s Headline Show

Three days ago I went to Knuck’s headline show courtesy of the fam, and what an experience it was. The biggest surprise for me was how one minute the venue wasn’t as packed, then I turned around randomly and people were filled right to the back. Some of the jokes from Puddi were a bit 😬😬😬, but as a whole, I feel everything was structured incredibly well.

The build-up from act to act was impeccable because their vibe matched the progressive anticipation of the main man Knucks. I didn’t take any pictures or videos of the other acts, but if there’s one person I have to big up, it was definitely Kadiata. He brought mad energy to the crowd and was hella funny lol. I’ve never heard his music before the show, but his tunes have definitely been wheeled up since (especially On Tap).

Finally, it was time for Knucks to make his long-awaited entrance, and that was another big surprise for me. Known as the “laid back one” (which you can tell that through his music), his tunes were popping off no matter what the vibe was. Not that his tunes are dead (because they aren’t), but the more low tempo mellow songs were popping off like Meek Mill – Imma Boss, you would think they were upbeat party tunes the way the crowd was reacting to them.

Knucks was joined by special guests Not3s & Wretch 32 for their collaborations, and a little cameo by Brent Faiyaz on his birthday right at the end. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was the icing on the cake, and a fantastic way to end the show. But there’s a reason I wanted to leave this for another time. and imma tell you why now.

The show gave me the same emotions I explained in the Jaden Smith Concert, but there was more to it. Being that Knucks is family it gave me a different feeling. It hits harder when it’s closer to home. To see all these people come out to see him, shouting his songs word for word, HEADLINING HIS SHOW! And seeing the growth is powerful you know. The heights of life being achieved by someone at arm’s reach is different gravy, and I know he still has a long way to go, but even what he has achieved now and everything I saw from the show is amazing.

But most of all, the most amazing thing was seeing Uncle (Knuck’s father) in the crowd just smiling watching his son. I know it’s just a “smile,” but it was a “Look at what my son is doing I’m so proud of him type smile,” like, you could see the emotion in that smile. And that right there is unrivaled.

On Wednesday 11th September 2019 I talked about how I think I’m a shit son because I haven’t achieved anything for my Mum to be proud of, and that moment hit home even more than anything else. Putting the incredible show and energy to the side, it just makes me put into perspective how “up there” I should be looking. There’s really no ceilings in life, especially when you haven’t even tried to jump. I know there’s a lot more I can be doing in my life, and I’m going to try and do that.

Because reaching even higher than those heights is a must.

Imma drop some videos from the show, and a link to his music if you wanna give it a listen.


You can also listen to Knucks on Spotify here:

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