Why is Anxiety on the Rise?

Anxiety has become ever-present in today’s society. I think the awareness made in regards to mental health has aided to the fact people do have problems, making us more aware of the condition. But why the sudden rise in recent times?


1. Smartphones

Everything now has become digital. Every event, update, TV show, etc. Can be viewed on our smartphones. With virtually everything you need in the palm of your hands, it makes it hard to switch off.

We are the most technologically connected group in society, but yet we are the most lonely.

Why is that?

Humans by nature need to communicate with all their senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing), and most of these senses are lost in digital communication. When we are talking to our friends via text (or wherever), you’re not really “there” in conversation. The senses I mentioned earlier are not fully in play, and it’s almost like you’re detached from the interaction. I’m sure there have been many times when you’ve responded to something funny typing “😂 😂 😂” and your face is as straight as ever.

“Real” communication builds that real connection and helps us feel grounded. What we’re doing now causes less meaningful connections and induces social anxiety, which can be relieved by being grounded in real-time.


2. Double Life (Image)

A large number of people feel the need to live a “double life” to present a certain “image” to the public. This isn’t even strictly on social media, but could also be an individual adopting a “work persona” when their true self is completely different.


3. Google

If you have a question, ask Google, right? Well…technically yes, But Dr. Google isn’t always right. With all this information easily accessible in the palm of our hands, most people diagnose themselves with something far worse than what they actually have, because the vague general symptoms/description match with their own.

A small lump that is growing?

That means cancer!


It could just be a lymph node. These things can’t be known until proper tests are done, and this rash self-diagnosis is increasing our anxiety.


4. Looking Perfect

In a world where reality TV shows turn “normal” people into celebrity icons just based on their looks makes people more obsessed with their physical appearance. Social media always has people (who have probably had surgery) showing off their amazing bodies, accompanied with many likes and comments, which makes people envious of their own. This can make people go to extreme lengths to try and achieve the body or face to acquire this attention.


5. The Pressure on the 20 Somethings

This is one I can personally relate to. They tell you so many doors will open for you after you acquire a fucking piece of paper, which is not true. Thrown into the “real world” without being taught to actually manoeuvre through it, you’re faced with the task of finding a job. The number of times I’ve heard: “Have you found a job yet?” “Why haven’t you got a job yet?” “What are you going to do?” and it’s just like

Image result for going crazy gif


It’s not as easy as my Mum is making it out to be unless I would have got a job by now don’t you think? This constant pressure to make it NOW is suffocating, and it’s something I’ve now heaved upon myself. So the extra from anyone else is not needed because I know, trust me.

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