How to Deal With Anxiety

Following up from my post on Why is Anxiety on the Rise? I thought it would be best to write about how to tackle Anxiety.


1. Learn to Say No

It sounds easy, but can be really daunting at first. We often say “Yes” not to hurt people’s feelings or to make them like us, but putting yourself first sometimes IS NOT A BAD THING! Remember, there are nicer ways of saying no, for example: “Thank you for asking, but I’m already doing X” or “I would if I could fit it in, but I’m currently stacked with X.”



2. Breathe

Bad Boys Ii GIF

Breathing deeper and slower can really help with your anxiety. Doing this for a few minutes will signal to your brain you’re not in any real danger, which will reset your body from fight or flight mode, to a more relaxed state.


3. Meditation

Meditation GIF

I’ve talked about Meditation sooooo many times on this page. It kind of links to my breathing point, but that’s more for when you’re in the moment. Daily meditation can train your brain to stay in the present, thus keeping you calm. It’s a hard habit to keep up at first, but once you get going, you will reap the benefits, trust me.
This post should have more points, but I only put things here that I do myself, instead of adding article related stuff from the internet. If you have any other suggestions though, please feel free to comment, and thank you for reading ☺️.

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