Top 10 Tracks Right Now (+1)

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It’s been such a long time since I’ve made a Top 10, but we are back! Most of the songs here have kind of cooled off in my regular rotation, but at one point they were number one, so they should still get their dues.


11. Doja Cat (feat. Tyga) – Juicy [Remix]

I love Doja and her weird-ass self, and I love this song! I heard the original before this, and although a remix wasn’t needed, it gave the song that extra boost which I’m all for. Also, people need to stop hating on Tyga. This man just minds his business, makes music, and looks after his son, I don’t understand.


10. Kojo Funds (feat. WizKid) – I Like It

I thought Kojo Funds died (musically), but after a long hiatus, he has come back with a banger featuring WizKid. When I saw this come up in my feed, I immediately clicked on it because I was intrigued to see whether it was good or not. On first listen I knew Kojo had something on his hands. It might have taken a little while to get there, but it got there.


9. Mist (feat. Fredo) – So High

Although this song is a banger, I’m soooooo tired of it now lol. The music scene is kind of dead right now, and the music doesn’t last like it used to. Baring that in my mind, I may have overplayed this too much, but what can you do when there’s nothing good really out.


8. Mahalia (feat. Burna Boy) – Simmer

The ever so talented Mahalia dropped this song to which was my first introduction to her. I commend the fact the sample was used uniquely, and Burna Boy’s voice is the perfect added touch to go on the song. Big up to Mahalia because she’s honestly so talented.


7. Koffee – Toast

Certified banger. All I can say is BLESSINGS ALL PON MI LIFE AND!


6. Post Malone (feat. DaBaby) – Enemies

First of all, I have to say DaBaby was the correct person to have on this song. His flow just makes the song bouncier than it already is, and it’s gone and bounced its way to my number 6.


5. Post Malone (feat. Young Thug) – Goodbyes

When this came out THIS WAS MY SHIT!!! I couldn’t tell you how many times I replayed this song days on end. The melody Post Malone (and Young Thug) produces with his voice is absolutely sublime, and I swear this guy is in a league of his own. A fucking incredible artist, and such an inspiration.


4. Stormzy – Wiley Flow

I saw this pop up on my feed, and you know I’m clicking it. From the start, I knew Stormzy is on different stuff. When it comes to rappers in the UK, he is at a height no one can even reach.



3. Dave – Professor X

Sinister sounding Dave for the win. I can’t explain how wavy this song is. Absolutely top notch.


2. Dapper Daps & Osi – Birthday Blessings 

1. Osi – Pengting From the 90’s

You already know the deal for these two songs. I don’t need to talk anymore.

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