L’s For October 2019

I started this to just do all things I’m scared to do, which also translates to “things I’ve been holding back from doing.” When the time finally came to start I didn’t feel it was worth doing anymore. Nonetheless, I still went forward and did what I have been holding off from doing, and I was presently surprised. The first thing on my agenda was to reach out to someone who I hadn’t spoken to in over a year, and I was so surprised that she actually gave me the light of day (considering how things were left). That changed the whole outlook on this whole thing, and I decided to reach out to people that I need to make peace with.

Even if it technically wasn’t my fault, you have to be self-aware enough to know when you could have done better with your actions. And again, to my surprise, I was given the light of the day. These things are truly amazing and it feels real good to feel “human again.” But I guess you’re wondering where the L’s are at.

Well, apart from all the failed job applications (which is normal at this point), last month I tried shooting my shot with this girl…And let’s just saaaayyyyyy…that isn’t going anywhere lol.

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