Life Goals: OUKASnation

When I was constantly writing blog posts I would have drafts where it would just have the title, and I would instantly remember what the post would be about. I now have exactly 82, and I don’t remember the topic for over 95% of them, which is crazy, but this one will always stick.

I’ve been wanting to write out the main things I want to achieve in life, and stick them on my wall (after buying printing ink), and the first of those goals is ‘OUKASnation.’

Yes, it’s the name of my blog, but it’s more than that, it’s my brand. Originally modelled from Jaden Smith’s MSFTS. I just wanted a name that fits with me as a person. A ‘misfit’ and an ‘outcast’ (spelt with a K in mine) are basically synonyms of each other. And are also how I’ve felt most of my life. And as I’ve evolved as a human being, so has the name.

You’ll realise the name has no T’s in it.


What do you get when you take out T from won’t? Won.

What do you get when you take out T from can’t? Can.

The name is a beacon of hope for all the OUKAS’s out there. That they can make something of themselves within the shadows of their life. I’ve also wanted to change the logo for a while now, making the K into a keyhole shape in the O. And having the “ASnation” as a key looking like it’s going inside the hole, but I’m not very skilled at graphics lol.

Of course, this will all have to start with me. So everything I do will be under this name. And if I can build myself enough to the point I have a very large following, that will be the first little light that will shine for my brand before I can start using it for its true purpose. The main things that I would want to do gradually (if I get there) are:

  • Have a non-profit organisation for fellow ‘OUKAS’s’ who have been; bullied, abused, disabled, mental health, etc. Although I don’t know how I would police that, I can’t be like “You can’t come in, prove you’ve been bullied before.” Which is a bit…yeah, lol. So that’s something I’ll have to think about more.


  • I want OUKAS to be a major powerhouse in every field possible. Music, video games, EVERYTHING! I feel the playing ground is very uneven, so I want to hire black people in these roles to learn and eventually empower them to start their own thing in these fields and keep those revolving doors going (although they can stay if they want to lol). It’s just all about ownership, and we need to start owning our shit.

I might add this later, but that’s what I have for OUKAsnation now. And hopefully, I will see the day where I can begin to bring this to fruition.

Thank you for reading, and I hope the day has been treating you well 😊.

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