Life Goals: Music

Hey again,

This one is going to be short because it’s not much to explain. But another goal of mine would be an international superstar with my music. For me, it seems like UK Hip Hop artists are stuck in this box of only being in the UK and other parts of Europe, but can never break out into the US market. I also find it strange that people are fine with it as well. This isn’t a thing where you have to beg for acceptance from the US audience, but it’s like you can only go so far without that audience, and as an individual wouldn’t you want more?

A LOT of UK Hip Hop artists have tried and failed to crossover, and you can really only say Slick Rick (even though you technically grew up there), and 21 Savage (sorry lol) are the only two people to succeed when it has come to this feat. I do have to big up Tinie Tempah though because he managed to go platinum with ‘Written In The Stars’ in America, and I think his album Discovery did 45,000 sales, which is actually good considering. But he never became solidified there and has fallen off since in that market.

Maybe it’s because of the ‘grime culture’ in the UK that’s slightly stopping people, I don’t know. But I grew up on proper Hip Hop & R&B, so grime isn’t really my thing. There are a couple of songs here and there I can bump to, but as a collective genre, it’s simply not my cup of tea. So I feel like I can solidify myself there simply because I’m more accustomed to American Hip Hop/ Music than I am to the UK scene, but yeah.

To be an international UK Hip Hop star is definitely a life goal for me, and would also be big for the UK scene too.

You can also find my unofficial releases here:


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