My Black Peopledem

I recently just watched 12 Years A Slave again, and apart from being angry, I was thinking about the landscape of our people. When we will take responsibility for ourselves as people? Yes, you can blame the government and environment, which to an extent is true. But I can guarantee you another person from that same environment or even worse has taken that situation and bodied it.

To this day, in this new decade, in this new year. People are still fighting over postcodes or territories they don’t even own, and for what? When will we see we are hurting our own development as a people? Every human being let alone black gets to a certain age where they know better, and you can keep using that excuse when I damn well know you can see that: 

  1. This ain’t right
  2. There’s nowhere to go with this

How can we keep dividing ourselves when we’ve been already pushed to the bottom of the barrel, and CONTINUE. Even if you’re forced into crime due to your environment, at least utilise it to put yourself into a position to get yourself out of that environment, so you can do better (and it’s not that I condone it please). I just see so many things that I’m not going to talk about here because I’m going to look like “one of the guys,” but how some of us can continue like this when we know better is beyond me.

Do you know how fly we are as a people? We literally run the world (and I said what I said). We are the ultimate trendsetters in every field, the source of everything good in this world comes from the motherland, and if we all move forward in the same direction do you know how much power we can utilise. Because we’re barely scratching the surface, but I guess the damage has been done.

The same way in which I think racism will never go away, unfortunately, is the same way I feel about this, and it’s very sad. 

Why can’t we do better as a collective?

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  1. Minnie101 says:

    Thanks for being open honest about this situation, because it seems that some people are unaware that they sometimes portray the same negative behaviour from other people who behave negatively towards them.

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