Apple Music vs. Spotify

I recently switched from Spotify to Apple Music and managed to get the 3-month trail (which is weird because I’ve already used it), and I wanted to breakdown a few things about each of them, then conclude which one is better.

I definitely feel Apple Music is a lot clearer and louder compared to Spotify. I like my music loud, and I don’t think Spotify quite lives up to the max volume compared to Apple Music does. One thing I can say about Spotify is that the sound does give you more of that “in-studio” feel compared to Apple Music. But I do prefer the clarity and volume that Apple Music provides compared to Spotify.

In terms of functionality, Spotify is WAAAAAYYYYYY easier to navigate than Apple Music. On Spotify, you can find everything you need on the home page, even the categories of genres are much more user-friendly than Apple Music. It feels like going through a maze trying to find a genre-driven playlist on Apple Music, and I do feel the pre-made playlists that are updated are much better on Spotify than Apple Music. Although, these playlists are updated more frequently on Apple Music, which is a plus.

In terms of annoyances, I hate that Apple Music hardly ever starts up with the last song you were playing, it always states “Not Playing” (or something along those lines), then you have to go through that maze to find the same playlist. Also, the recent searches on Apple Music are only the last three, whereas it is considerably much more on Spotify, with the addition of controlling your music from your phone when playing on your laptop, which Apple Music does not even have, shocking.

I do believe if Steve Jobs was still alive, A LOT of things would be different with Apple right now, but the more user-friendly nature of Spotify makes it a lot better to use than Apple Music (unfortunately). The only thing that Apple Music trumps Spotify on is the clarity of the music, and they have the remixed version of this song, which Spotify don’t:

This shit is a banger lol.

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