Life Is Destined

I’ve had this on my drafts for the longest time. And it’s not that I forgot what it was about like the others. I just couldn’t write enough for it to be an adequate post. Yesterday, I had a little breakdown due to me realising how ugly I actually am, and it completely brought back to the meat of this topic. I was also watching Steve Harvey’s Motivated series on YouTube earlier that day, and the breakdown I had also made me think of those videos.

Taking faith out of what Steve was saying (because I don’t believe in that), it just made me think not everyone can obtain what they want through “hard work.” There was one video for example where he saying whatever you want in life you need to write it down so you can visualise it, then work towards it (I’m paraphrasing). I don’t disagree with him, but let’s just say you wanted a Bugatti (first thing that came to my head). There is no way in hell that every single person that is putting in work to get that Bugatti is going to get it. I don’t care how hard they are working, it’s just impossible.

I’m 100% sure some people are working some shitty job, working their ass off to fund themselves to become what they really want to be, putting in mad work in their gift/passion. But it’s just a FACT that not all of them are going to make it. Which leads me to the title of this blog post:

“Life Is Destined”

I stopped believing in any type of shit because it’s pointless, but this right here is the only “mystical” thing that makes sense to me in this world. It’s either you’re destined for greatness, or you’re not. It doesn’t matter how much work you put in compared to the other man (or woman before y’all say I’m sexist lol), you gon’ get there if you gon’ get there. I say this not to put this on you guys, but myself. It makes sense now why my life is shit, and I know you might say “People have it worse,” but to me, it’s no different. Apart from I can eat, and stay in the house, mentally, we’re probably as fucked as each other. We’ve seen with the richest of people that no amount of money can escape the way you feel inside (R.I.P. to those we have lost through suicide), so we’re all the same in my eyes.

Yes “I don’t give up,” and I still do what I need to do to succeed. But there’s no progression and no successes. It’s just the same shit different day. But that’s ok because maybe it wasn’t meant to be for me. They say don’t worry about shit you have no control over. And I have no control over the destiny of my life, just how I view it within this already written story, which I should start doing, to be honest.


P.S. I think I wrote something like this before, so sorry if that is the case.

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  1. Julie Krupp says:

    You make a lot of really good points that will make a lot of people uncomfortable. I do believe in destiny, I do believe we create our experience, and I know those two things can be at odds. I agree that not everyone is going to be rich, but that doesn’t mean that everybody can’t be successful. I think the definition of success is too narrow and leaves people feeling hopeless. My humble opinion, thought provoking post, thanks!

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    1. officialosi says:

      Thank you so much, and you’re right! But I guess it depends what “success” is to each individual so it’ll always vary. This life is kind of like different paths will lead you to the same location, and it’s you who decides which path you’re going to take.

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