A Collection of Cultures: An Interview with Osi // Guest Post (2)

Again, thank you for this opportunity Sophia. Part two of my interview is here to read!


We’re not voiceless. Pass the mic.”

With an especial focus on mental health, music, and celebrating black love, without further ado, let’s get to part two! 

*Trigger warning: discussions of mental health, depression and suicidal thoughts*

I remember you saying in ‘Mental Diary’, nearly two years ago now, that you’d been experiencing feelings of emptiness. It’s something that has resurfaced over time in your blog posts. Could you talk us through this?

When nothing seems to get better or work out in any field of your life, you become empty. It’s then very hard to keep continuing because you’ve never seen results anywhere, and you almost become a zombie, living dead. That’s basically what it is, nothing has ever gone for me in anything, and not get anything back ever from what I put in makes me empty.      

With such a lot to have gone through…

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