Day 5 – 5 Things That Irritate You About The Opposite Sex/Same Sex (Part One – Women)

If I’m going to keep it real with y’all, men don’t really irritate or annoy me. But there are some things they don’t that disgust me, so I’ll talk about those instead. Let’s start with women though, because…

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1. Your Madness 

This probably umbrellas all of the points lol, but I’m convinced every single woman has madness (at different levels) engraved in their DNA. The un-logical logic in women’s behaviour is mind-boggling, and it’s truly frustrating. I don’t want to go too deep into this because I’ll use up my points, but let me tell you guys a story.

There was a time I was talking to this girl on the phone, and my phone kept going off because I was messaging my cousin on Snapchat at the same time. In the middle of the conversation she exclaims, “I see your phone keeps going off, go speak to your other hoes,” and abruptly hangs up.

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After sending her various screenshots to show it was my cousin messaging me, you would think she would apologise right?


Instead, she says something like “Well you could have been,” and I don’t understand it.


2. Indecisiveness 

One minute it’s this, the next minute it’s that…WHICH ONE IS IT!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so tired of this shit honestly. why can’t women follow through/stick with one thing? This even reminds me of another story.

One time I was with this girl at mine, and we were watching a movie. I had no drink in the house, and I refuse to drink tap water, so I wanted to go to the shop to buy one. Of course, I asked if she wanted anything, and she said no. So I went to the shop and bought one of those pink lemonade Lucozade’s. I’ve now come back, and I’ve had a bit of my drink, which somehow prompts her to ask: “Can I have some?”

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Did I not just ask you less than 5 minutes ago????? And no, I didn’t give her some because I was thirsty as hell, and I had already asked her previously, so this drink is mine now. After a short while I ended up going to the toilet, and when I came back SHE HAD DRANK MOST OF THE DRINK!!! I only had that like gulp I had when I got it, and she has now left me that bottom half as if I’m some peasant!!!!!! The audacity to not only drink it but to drink MOST OF IT!!! MORE THAN WHAT I COULD HAVE!!! MY MONNEEYY!!!! My fucking gosh!!!!

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3. Attention Seeking

I always tell my brothers in arms don’t fall for the trap. She’s just doing these antics to get these comments from you. Leave that girl to her foolishness. If you ever see the following such as:

  • “Little booties/boobs matter” (and she clearly doesn’t have one) 
  • “somebody take me out”
  • “My DM’s are open, slide in”
  • “Who wants to come with me to X place”


(this list has been SIGNIFICANTLY shortened) 


4. Emotionally Manipulative

Me, I had to learn the hard way. I don’t view myself very highly, so I would take ANYTHING being with someone “to have.” But now, my peace is so sacred to me because of how this life is. I just want to harbour as much of it as possible. 

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything in this world, it’s people who mess with your mental well being, and women are the epitome of this (in my life anyway). Masters of guilt-tripping you for their advantage. Have you ever told your girl you’re going out with the boys, and she says “Have fun,” but it really means “You better stay the fuck home.” Or a girl asking for your opinion on a dress, and you say you don’t like it, and all of a sudden it’s “You think I’m ugly?”


These are just very light examples because I do actually have a story on this but:

  1. It’s too long
  2. I like my peace, so it’s better I keep quiet 


5. The Inability To Own Up To Your Mistakes 

It’s not that hard to say “I was wrong,” It’s not that hard to say I’m sorry. SO WHY DO WOMEN MAKE OUT LIKE IT IS!

I even had trouble picking number five because THERE’S TOO MANY TO PICK FROM, but it’s only right this one made the cut simply because it relates to my first story.


Thank you for reading the five things that irritate me about women. I was going to do the men underneath this, but this post would be too long for my liking, so I’ll do it in another part later today (hopefully). I just want to say that this does not apply to ALL women (well not entirely anyway lol) before I start getting attacked. And I have met some amazing women over the time I’ve been on this planet, so please don’t feel offended, and I will definitely keep the same energy for men, so don’t worry.


Osi Out

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