Day 5 – 5 Things That Irritate You About The Opposite Sex/Same Sex (Part Two – Men)

Sorry for the delay, this was meant to be posted two days ago, but when I came back home that day I was soo tired, and then yesterday I went studio (which I need to go back to tomorrow), and yesterday my internet wasn’t working to get my featured image (I’m adding this bit today lol). But I’m here now, so let’s get into it!

Also, if you haven’t read the first part on women, you can read it right here: Day 5 – 5 Things That Irritate You About The Opposite Sex/Same Sex (Part One – Women)


1. Predatory Behaviour

The way some men prey on little girls is honestly disgusting. I wish I screenshotted some of the things I’ve seen on Twitter because it’s absolutely disgusting. I’m telling you, this must be a sickness because I cannot fathom how you can look at girls that aren’t even in university in such a way. What the fuck is wrong with some people.


2. Fiending For Women

You would think some men have never seen a vagina in their life, and even then, what makes it OK in your head to be such a fiend for women. These types of guys literally do not take no for answer, and there’s one thing being persistent, but that shit is on a whole other level. The amount of madness I’ve seen in the club, and I’m like “Yooooo chilllll.”

Who borned you? Don’t you have manners? Don’t you have class?


3. Being Played

This might not be a man’s fault in some cases, but what I’m describing here links to my second point.

There are some instances where it’s SO EVIDENTLY CLEAR a girl is using you, and yet, you continue to be a stupid idiot.

There were these girls I used to go out with back at university, and they would do this all the time. These men would have the table with the bottles, and these girls would act their way to free drinks all night. The worst part about it was when they tried to get a little “sommin sommin” when the night came to an end and would end up with NOTHING! Yes, it’s not a nice thing to do, but no man with sense would continue to do such nonsense, and it pisses me off how some men can be so stupid.

Can you believe there was one time a girl must have said to us “You should buy us drinks if you want to talk to us…”

Image result for what gif

Stop fiending for women guys.


4. Unsolicited Dick Picks

In what world does it make sense to think “How can I get this girl to be interested? I know! Let me send a picture of my dick.”

Image result for bruh gif

What kind of sauceless individual are you???? How can you think that’s the way to go???? Dicks aren’t even appealing to look at in the slightest. Shit is made for urinating and inserting in vaginas. Mandem, stop doing this, it’s not nice.

To be honest with you, I can’t think of anything else lol. Like I said in part one, men don’t really annoy me, so I can’t think of five things to say. It’s just the predatory behaviour to women that truly disgusts me, and there’s only so many ways I can spin that into five things (unless you ladies have anything to add).

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  1. Jay says:

    Ha, the dick pic. I want to send back “Son, that shit ain’t cute. If you want to send me a pic of a body part, how about that face o’ yours?” But I end up just deleting and blocking because a girl doesn’t need that shit in her life lol

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