Berry – A Perspective From A Black Parent (Part One)

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FINALLY! After however much time, the interview I’ve been banging on about for the longest is here! It’s very hard to get my mum in one place because she’s always out and about, but it doesn’t matter now because WE ARE HERE! Let’s get straight into it because it’s been long enough already.

Q1: When you found out you were pregnant, what emotions were you feeling?

A: “I was ecstatic!”

(There was some back and forth between us after that, but it was completely off tangent to the question, I was just telling her how I’ve never heard her use such word, and that she would usually say “great” or “good” lol).


Q2: What is was the most difficult aspect of pregnancy?

“Just bending down to do things you would usually. I don’t think I was ever sick. You know how people have this morning sickness, and these things, I never had any of those. The only thing I did have was some weird cravings. I had to have crunchy nut, and I have to have custard and cake, but I’ll have to have custard and cake first, then followed by the crunchy nut.”

Hey, whatever is good for you lol.


Q3: Can you describe the feeling when you first saw me after I was born?

“Omg…I just cannot find the words to describe it. I was just so overjoyed/overwhelmed”

I thought she said “I was a small baby,” which is when she followed up with: “No, you weren’t a small baby, I think you weighed 7 pounds something (let’s just call it 8).

I interjected with “I know I was fat when I was younger” (and that’s only because in my toddler pictures I was quite “big” lol), in which she responded with: “You weren’t fat when you were born, but you were very tall. You were not small but weren’t too big either. You were a healthy baby and very well looked after. Don’t forget, I never bought those baby foods and all that. I used to cook and mash it all up for you to eat. The only time I would buy baby food is if we were going out, so I was doing the cooking, and breastfeeding you until you were 7months old.”

I thought she said 7 years at first (I don’t know why lol), then we started talking about how you have to gradually get your child of it (much like a dummy/pacifier) because they become too attached, in which she said: “It’s the same thing as you with breastfeeding. Omg, the day I didn’t breastfeed you, you cried and cried. I just kept making milk, and you didn’t want milk. You would just spit it out and go (that sound when something tastes horrible lol)”

To be honest with you, I’ve never liked the taste of milk to this day, so it makes sense lol.


Q4: What has been the most difficult challenge/challenges raising me?

“The only challenges I had was being a single mum, and this day I was going to university and the minder (childminder). I got to this lady’s door in the morning, and she said she couldn’t look after you that day. So I had to call the university to tell them the childminder has let me down, so I have to look after my son, and I have to find somebody, so that was the only one day that I can remember that I would say was challenging. Other than that, you’ve always been a good boy, always been a lovely boy. You were never sick, I’ve always taken good care of you, and you’ve always eaten well! So it’s not like this child is always sick or whenever there’s a virus or whatever floating around that you’ll catch it, so you’ve always been fantastic!”


Q5: Is there anything you’ve learned from your parents in the way you parent me?

“To be honest, when I left Nigeria to come here (London, UK), I was still just barely finishing primary school (elementary school). So in terms of parenting, I can’t really say there’s one particular thing I remember. Obviously, I think I’ve done much better than the way my parents did.

I replied with “As you should,” which she responded with: “Yeah, you should always be better regardless. No matter how good you should always strive to be better.”

But she did say they would always give her enough, so she would never lack food, etc.



Will be in part two because this would be waaaaayyyy too long for y’all, so look out for that soon (because I never follow through with dates anymore). And remember, DOWNLOAD BERRY NOW!!

In association with the Berry Dating App dedicated to Black Love #BlackLoveMatters


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