Berry – A Perspective From A Black Parent (Part Two)

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Yes yes yes. We are back with part two of “A Perspective From A Black Parent.” If you haven’t read the first part, be sure to read it right here: Berry – A Perspective From A Black Parent (Part One)


Q6: What do you think the most important thing is to teach your child?

  1. Honesty
  2. Respect
  3. Hardwork
  4. God Fearing
  5. Being a good person
  6. Kind
  7. Caring
  8. Loving

(She couldn’t pick one so I allowed to her to give me a list)


Q7: Is there anything you would change in your parenting whilst I was growing up?

She actually flipped the question on me as she felt it was a question I had to answer, in which I said: “I felt you could have handled situations differently. You were very quick to hit instead of having a conversation about it first to see whether it warranted that. Like in parent’s evening, you would always take the teacher’s side when in more cases than not, it wasn’t even as bad as they would make it out to be. You also said I don’t open up or talk to you as much, but you never set that precedent when I was young, so it’s very hard for me to now start being open just like that. I wasn’t able to voice my opinions or disagree because immediately it would be classed as disrespect or shutdown, so it’s very hard for me now to do that.”


Q8: How would you describe yourself as a parent?

“I think I’m very considerate, I try not to be too judgemental, and I’m an easy-going person.”

She than went on to say evenly friends have said so, but I’m puzzled by that because number one I would have been there, and two, she’s hardly met any of my friends lol.


Q9: What makes a good parent?

“That is really hard to describe. But what I consider bad parenting is when children have done something wrong, and the parent will just say don’t worry, it’s alright, never mind, its ok, you know that type of a thing. Instead of the mum being the mum and saying this shouldn’t be like this, this should be like that, but it’s very hard for me to say. You how some people are very strict when it comes to their parenting, so if their child does something wrong, these types of people believe they’ll smack, and some people say you can’t do that, no matter whatever you just need to talk to the child to do this and do that. So that’s why that one is a bit of a difficult one.”

Although, she did later say that tough love was an aspect to good parenting


There was the 10th question, but I’ve already answered it in Q7, so it feels pointless to repeat it. But with that being said, that’s the end of this interview.

I’m still doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge, but I’m letting the 6th question marinate, so I’m sure on the answer lol. So I’ll probably continue with Berry posts until I have a solid answer on that question.

Nonetheless, download Berry which is available on all platforms, and be sure to look out for new content real soon!

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