Day 6 – The Person You Like And Why You Like Them

What’s up people,

I thought I might as well answer this question now since I’m very bored. The reason why it’s taken me so long to answer this is that I don’t actually like anyone right now. IT’S CRAZY because, during the run-up to this question, there was actually someone I was really feeling. But as soon as this question came up, I wasn’t too sure I was on that person anymore.

Because of that, I decided to let this question marinate for a bit, to see if I was maybe “playing myself,” and I would end up feeling the same way again, and it didn’t. In fact, it completely vanished. It’s not as if I find her ugly now, I just lost “that feeling,” which I can’t put into words.

I also stopped “shooting my shot” because I feel it’s the most pointless thing. In 2019, a single year. I threw more shots than I have in my entire life combined before that. You can give yourself a massive pat on the back for doing it (I’m being sarcastic by the way), but it’s absolutely pointless lol. There’s something I want to describe here, but I don’t know how to articulate it. But let’s just say un-meaningful outcomes for a “brave” act is so boring to me that I can be arsed anymore.

Let’s circle back a bit because I’m slightly going off track lol. I then decided to wait until I liked someone else so I could continue this 30 Day Blog Challenge. But if I’m going to be honest with y’all. I do not know when that is going to be, which now brings me here. To this answer, I’m about to give you.

Today I was going through Instagram stories as you do, and I saw someone doing something (I’m sorry, I have to be extremely vague for security reasons). And I realised (which I already did, but on a different level) that whenever I see a new picture or video of someone who I used to proper proper vibe with, there’s a certain switch that turns on in my mind, and my heart does that woosh feeling (if you know you know).

Before starting this exact sentence, I took a little pause to think of why that might be, and I did come up with a solid reason as to why. Deliberating whether I should share it or not, I chose not to. Simply because I’m tired of that whole area of life, and I’m not trying to go deep into that area anymore.


To conclude this piece by ACTUALLY ANSWERING THE QUESTION! You could probably say I “like” her, or those people. But those feelings are dormant because I don’t see or talk to them like I used to, and I get that “flicker” whenever I do. Of course, there is a deeper answer to this question, but I’m not trying to get into that.

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