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This post was meant to be made ages ago, but I’ve honestly been so busy with Berry! On top of that, I’ve been trying to find things new things on this topic, but the options are very limited since we all have to stay indoors, but Berry is always going to give a helping hand, so here it is!

1. Watch A Movie Together

TV shows with Black casts airing and streaming now!

I spoke this topic about this in my previous Berry post: Berry – Self-Isolation & Chill? What Singletons Can Do During This Coronavirus Epidemic, where Netflix added a chrome extension where you’ll be able to have a party chat whilst watching a film. You can also use FaceTime, Skype or Houseparty to video time your special one during these moments for a more intimate experience (during these circumstances).

2. Video Chat Date

Black Woman Using Webcam And PC For Video Chat

Who says your dating life has to be on hold because of little old coronavirus. You can still openly have a dinner date (or chill) with your significant other through a video chat service (which I have mentioned above). Plan your dinner date via message, go out and buy your ingredients and drink (if it’s not at home), and enjoy a lovely dinner date with your special one through today’s remarkable technology.

3. Playing Online Games

Pretty and Excited Black Gamer Girl in Headphones is Playing First ...

Free smoke can still be given out online too. Team up or battle against your chosen partner online and enjoy countless hours of fun together. It’s also important to consider what game (and this bit is directed to the men) she would be willing to play because not all girls are so open to this concept in the first place. But if you’ve found yourself a gamer girl, then there are no bounds!

Also, don’t forget these can be in the form of the iMessage games, the Houseparty app which has games within the video chat service, or even board games like Guess Who, which can be played via video chat! 

Here are the three ways in which you can date whilst social distancing. Of course, you can remix this to your desire. I’m sure there’s plenty of fun games you can play through video chat so get creative! But don’t worry if you haven’t found someone to try these out with, that’s where we come in!

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  1. Video chat date and play video games online, okay! I’m not dating at the moment but I’ll keep these 2 things in mind, thank you!

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    1. officialosi says:

      You’re welcome 😊😊


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