Berry – How To Make The Perfect Dating Profile

Berry is available on all platforms. A dating app for all the Black singles out there.

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Good Morning, good afternoon, good evening (depending on the time you see this). I’m sure you already know that the Berry dating app (#BlackLoveMovement), and I’m here to show you how to create the perfect profile (from a man’s perspective).

Remember, women are a treasure, and it’s important to showcase yourself in the best light. Everybody knows women have a much easier ride when it comes to securing likes and matches on dating apps. So it’s important when they come to your profile YOU stand out, and here’s how to do that.

1. Photos

You should have a minimum of four pictures, and a maximum of five pictures on your profile. This gives a perfect balance between showing enough but also leaves enough room to want to see more (that mystery feeling). Within these four (or five) photos, you should showcase yourself in these four ways:


  • Headshot: This should be your first image as you’re trying to make a first good impression. Dating apps are very superficial, so showing how attractive you are with a headshot is the only way to grab someone’s attention as they are swiping through. This could be your most liked selfie on Instagram or a shot taken by someone else. Just make sure the image does not go below your midriff.

  • Full Body Shot: This should be next up on your profile. Girls want to see whether you can dress well, how tall you are (sorry), or if you look in decent shape physically. SHOW THEM YOU LOOK GOOD!

(little vanity shot)

  • Smiling Picture: This is a no brainer. Of course, this is a bummer for me because I do not smile, but it’s nice to show within your profile.

(this is the best I can do when it comes to smiling, sorry)

  • Personality Picture: Your last picture should be you doing something active, playing a sport, bowling or dancing in a club. This can also a group picture, but make sure there aren’t too many people in it. You still want to be the focal point.

(a picture of me shooting a music video, which will be out soon might I add)

2. Bio (About)

Keep your bio short and sweet, nobody wants to read an essay. This can be in lines of “Height, location & Instagram.” This gives the staple information the opposing person needs, and if they want to know more, they will ask.

Of course, you can then fill out your hobbies and occupation. But your photos and bio are ESSENTIAL in your profile.

Just to clarify, I am not claiming to be an expert. I’m just giving my view on how to give yourself the best opportunity in the way you present yourself. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop them in the comments. And remember, #BlackLoveMatters.

In association with the Berry Dating App dedicated to Black Love #BlackLoveMatters



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  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    You did not smile, you smized. Everyone’s chaotic fave Tyra approves.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Imma take your word for it 😊😊

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