Berry – The Best Marriage Proposals

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Isn’t it beautiful to see two people coming together and forming a partnership? Well today, we’re looking at the top three proposals that are sure to plant a warm feeling in your heart.

3. Party Proposal

The best thing about this proposal is the time before her brain clicks, realising what has just happened. When you’re caught up in a game and have such a thing sprung on you, it takes you by surprise. And that moment is where this proposal is felt.


2. Basketball Proposal

The confused expression on her face when the routine switches up is so pure. What a perfectly executed proposal by her boyfriend and her teammates.


1. Helicopter Photoshoot

It’s the sheer thought that went into this proposal that makes it so amazing, in addition to the fact you can get a great picture out of the moment makes it all the better.

Just to mention before I end, this is in no particular order. everyone’s pocket is different, so it’s not by force to get a helicopter to propose to the love of your life. Although, all these clips have two key elements. Surprise and creativity. If you can implement those two elements into your marriage proposal, it’s definitely going to be something that he/she will never forget till the day they die!

In association with the Berry Dating App dedicated to Black Love #BlackLoveMatters


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