Day 18 – Disrespecting Parents

I don’t think this should be a thing solely on “disrespecting parents” because it sounds like “Don’t disrespect your elders,” as if you should allow them to disrespect you.

Let’s get things straight before I continue. Nobody should be disrespecting anybody, but don’t let yourself be taken for an idiot. Sometimes parents can be disrespectful (or even worse), and I do feel the correct thing to do would be to “let your presence be felt.” Again, this doesn’t have to be done disrespectfully, but sometimes you need to show you are a human being too.

Maybe I’m looking at the question differently, but I don’t think age, experience, or position should determine whether or not you should allow someone to treat you a certain way. If you were to get stabbed blood will come out. Everyone is equal. So let’s all be nice to each other, and respect people’s feelings.

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  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Completely agree. And in my religion we are allowed to speak up against elders, including parents, in cases of injustice, it’s our duty too.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Everything on this side is deemed as “disrespect.” They expect us to be robots


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