Little Blog Update

Hey everyone,

I know y’all hated the 30 Day Blog Challenge I did (I can tell by the views), and maybe it’s my fault because most of the questions I couldn’t really answer, so most of my answers were one sentence which I know is very shit. As you’ll be happy to hear, I’ll be moving on from it (since I’ve finished), but in my next post, I want to express my thoughts and feelings on what’s been happening lately.

I wanted to move on to other topics on my blog, but I still feel even now is a great time to talk about it since it doesn’t have the traction/coverage it once did because it still needs it! I’m just hoping I’ll be able to say all I’ve wanted to say originally because you lose some of the content when the emotion/feeling isn’t as raw as it once was, but I’ll try my best to say my piece.

Hopefully, the change in content might make me start loving blogging again because it all seemed a bit pointless during that 30 Day Blog Challenge.

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