Xbox Games Showcase

I miss this section on my blog honestly. I’ve been playing A LOT of games, but haven’t been writing anything about them (sorry). On that note, Xbox recently announced their game showcase, which will be happening on the 23rd of July at 9 am (PT), which 5:00 pm for all my UK people.

I’m more than sure we’re going to see Halo Infinite running on the Xbox Series X, and there has also been a lot of rumours on a possible Fable 4, which I’m excited about because they needed to redeem themselves for the third instalment of the franchise.


Of course, you know I will be here to review the show and give you my thoughts, but until then. I shall be taking a break from blogging, which will give me more time to get other shit done.

See y’all on the 23rd ✌🏾.

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