New PS5 Leaked

Sony finally revealed what the PS5 would look like in a recent showcase, and although opinions were mixed, I actually think it looks nice.

Sony's PlayStation 5 comes in two different versions, one of which is a 'Digital Edition'

Sony revealed there will be two versions of the PlayStation. PlayStation 5 Digital & PlayStation 5 (with a disc insert). Me being me, or any other avid gamer would go for the original version. As much as things are going in the direction of digital, nothing beats the feeling of the actual disc, but maybe it’s the nostalgia element on my part.

Apart from the memes that came from the new sleek design of the PlayStation,

(here’s a few from the gift of Twitter)

A lot of people were asking for a Black counterpart, which was not revealed in the digital show. It also seemed a lot of people were in preference of a Black version of the console in social media.


There has been an alleged leak of a new Black console with red trim in an advertised bundle. Sony has not commented on this alleged leak, so we can’t confirm whether this is true or not. But, I’m 100% sure in the future we will get new designs and colours of the PS5.

The image seemingly shows a third new version of the PS5

Take a look at the alleged leak and let me know what you think.

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