Kanye Twitter Rant (Presidential Rally)

Kanye has his first presidential campaign rally in South Carolina yesterday, which was conducted in exemplary Kanye fashion. A “chaotic masterpiece.”

The big talking points from the rally yesterday was Kanye admitting to nearly aborting his first daughter North West (watch below)

He also went off on a member of the audience for correcting him on stating wrong facts, which also included, and I quote: “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the salves.”

In the aftermath of Kanye’s first presidential rally, he then began to go on a Twitter rant in series of deleted tweets, which you can find on our Twitter page @TheOUKASpodcast.

Is Kanye fit to run for president? Is Kanye mentally well? Will you vote for Kanye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Watch/listen to our first podcast episode here: OUKASpodcast Ep. 1 | Dream Collabs, Albums Of The Decade, Who is The G.O.A.T? & Album Reviews

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