OUKASpodcast Ep. 2 | Has Hip Hop Progressed? Is 6ix9ine Good For Hip Hop? & MORE!

Our second episode of the OUKASpodcast is finally out, and we appreciate the love and support shown in the first episode! In today’s episode, we will be debating whether Hip Hop has progressed, discussing whether Is 6ix9ine good for Hip Hop & the disrespect towards female artists in hip hop. We also share our thoughts Swizz Beats comments on “Rappers paying tax.”

Audio version here:

Watch/listen to our first podcast episode here: OUKASpodcast Ep. 1 | Dream Collabs, Albums Of The Decade, Who is The G.O.A.T? & Album Reviews

Twitter: @TheOUKASpodcast
Instagram: @oukaspodcast

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