Free Marketing Course – Lock Up Social Media Usernames

Before I get into the first lesson, I just want to say I’m going to be very specific and straight to the point. I’m not going to make this a whole essay like other people do, so you should hit the like button just for that.

The most important thing to do is have the same name across all your social media accounts. If your name is taken, try and add the best keyword for your niche. So if you were trying to build a fitness page it could be @[your name]Fitness.” or “@[your name]Workout.”

Of course, those names could be taken too, so play around with it until you find the right name for you. This could be by adding an underscore or hyphen just before your niche keyword, so it’s all about finding what’s right for you.

Many people might not have a specific niche they pander towards, so here are some examples of things you can do if your original name is taken:

In the examples above you can see using words such as “real” “official” or “the,” is another great way to lock up your social media username if you’re not someone with a niche, and still make it look presentable.

By using or, you will be able to see if your name is available across all platforms, which is helpful as you can check everything in one place.


  • Length – Shorter is better
  • Consistency – Keep your name the same across all social media platforms
  • Readability – How easy is it to read aloud?
  • Use your business name or real name
  • Make it easy to remember

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