Free Marketing Course – Facebook Audiences + Retargeting

In the last post (Free Marketing Course – Facebook Pixel (Standard Events + Custom Conversions), I talked about creating events for Facebook Pixels, and in the previous post to that (Free Marketing Course – Facebook Pixel), I spoke about the importance of Facebook Pixels. Once you’ve got the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you will be able to create audiences in which you can retarget to later. I would do a step by step on how to create Facebook audiences, but no one wants to read a university dissertation. So here’s a video that explains this perfectly.

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  1. somnathnag says:

    A nice and very informative article, shared this on my facebook.
    Recently I have found a cloud-based platform that connects your email auto responder with your Facebook Ads account, so you can easily run email retargeting campaigns by targeting ads to any segment of your email list and it’s also easy to use as well. With just a few clicks you can retarget any specific part of your email subscriber list.
    It functions in such a way that your ad costs stay rock bottom and your conversions are sky high – leading to a MASSIVE return on investment for your ad dollars.


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