Free Marketing Course – 4 Ways to Convert Followers to Sales & Leads

  1. Make It Easy For Them To Buy

The reason people follow a brand on Instagram is because they like the product or service they provide, and they want to look out for new products, information, promotions, etc.

  • Including a link in your bio to your website is a first step. With a call-to-action (CTA) within the caption of your posts to lead them there.
  • Also adding your website within the image/video or watermarking it, is another to lead your audience towards your site.

2. Always Be “Soft Selling” Your Product

Hard selling such as “NEW!! BUY NOW!!!” never works, and it’s annoying to the user, hence why soft selling is the more appropriate approach. This can consist of images/videos of your product being worn or used. Sell the experience, not the product.

3. Be Personal

Write your messages in first person, so you can connect with the customer. I’ve also talked about things to share on your Instagram in previous post: Free Marketing Course – Top Things To Post On Instagram, so look through that if you haven’t already, and see how you can add your personal touch.

4. Share Offers & Discounts

Share codes specific to Instagram so you can track it via the Facebook pixel. That way you can now how well this specific offer has done, and compare its to others. You can also create posts signalling to discounts on certain items on the store with the CTA to drive the user to your bio to take advantage of the offer.

If you need some help setting up a Facebook Pixel, refer to my previous posts here:

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