Qwhite Interesting Vol. 29

The title for todays volume of “Qwhite Interesting” is “Student drug dealers are SPARED jail after impressing judge with ‘spelling and grammar’ in text messages arranging cannabis deals.” YES, that is right.

Apparently good grammar is now commendable in the eyes of law. The judge on the case (David Hale) said the grammar and punctuation of the text messages was at a much higher standard from what is normally seen from drug dealers, indicating a higher level of education.

Swansea Crown Court heard one message from Kerrison's phone said: 'Mad flavours from 10 tonight - let me know for more details'. When police stopped the pair and read the text messages they found them to be written with correct punctuation and spelling, in contrast to the typical messages sent by dealers in the area using poor spelling, punctuation and grammar
Here is a text from on the dealers. I mean…really?

The extremity of their punishment was community orders, and I cannot believe it. But after 24 years on this planet. It’s clear as to why…

Click here to read the full story, and more on Judge David Hale: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6553585/Student-drug-dealers-spared-jail-impressing-judge-spelling-punctuation.html

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