Free Marketing Course – Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are common knowledge, so I’m not going to go too deep into it, but there are a couple of extra things you should know within Twitter ads that will boost your marketing efforts. Firstly, to set up a Twitter ad:

  • Go to
  • Log into the Twitter account you want to link your Twitter ad account with
  • Press the “Create Ad” to start the process

You can also do this by going on your Twitter account by clicking more than Twitter Ads. Here’s a video from the “Twitter for Business” page on YouTube on how to create a full ad campaign.

Twitter Ads also has targeting options that you can use within your campaigns. There’s a great video below that highlights these features, which will boost your marketing efforts on the platform.

Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter Analytics ( will also help you identify key analytics on your page broken down month by month. Twitter Analytics gives you information on your; top tweets, top follower(s), engagement rate, and many other useful statistics. It also gives you the option to promote tweets through it.

With that said, other third-party sites can help with Twitter Analytics including:

  • (helps you dig deeper into your Twitter analytics)
  • (collects data about Twitter topics, hashtags, mentions, followers, location and more)
  • (Influencer search engine)
  • (detailed analytics on anyones tweets, replies, retweets, hashtags and other insights)

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