Free Marketing Course – Pinterest 101

Pinterest is a content sharing service where users can “pin” images and videos to their pinboard. You can follow all of someone’s boards or just the ones you like from that person.

Once you create your account, follow the same optimisation practices within your bio, etc. As I wrote about for Instagram here: Free Marketing Course – Optimise Your Instagram

Once you’ve created your account and optimise your profile, I would suggest creating three boards with a minimum of six pins in each of them initially. For example, if you’re a fitness instructor, you can have one board for Diet, another for abs, and another for legs, with six relevant pins on each board.

You can also section out your boards, as I’ve done above. Continuing with the fitness example. If this board was titled “abs,” you might have one section called lower abs, another that’s obliques, etc.

IMPORTANT: When creating a board, make sure you add a description in the description box of what your board is about with relevant keywords. Does this will boost your SEO ranking.

Pinterest Practices

  • Try to pin at least once a day so your followers get fresh content
  • Don’t just pin your own stuff
  • Engage with other users on Pinterest
  • Always use high quality images and videos
  • Use tall pins (2:3 or 1000 px wide x 1500 px tall)
  • Every pin should have a relevant title, description and link
  • Add boards that will featured on your page when some visits here:

The description of your pins should always be as descriptive as possible. For example, if you’re showcasing your artwork, describe what it is, the pencils or paintbrushes you used, the story behind it, etc. Be as detailed as you can, strategically implementing keywords.

For more information on how to find keywords, check out this post here (same rules can be applied to Pinterest): Free Marketing Course – Keyword 101

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