Free Marketing Course – Pinterest Ads (Expanded)

Here are a couple of things I missed out in my previous post on Pinterest Ads

  • Always split test images and text in Pinterest ads

Those two things should be a no-brainer, but it’s also important to add soft calls to action to help increase engagement (sign up here). It is also important to make sure you do not add any “commercial and functional calls to action” on the image itself, as this is against Pinterest regulations and will get your ad rejected.

Image result for buy now example
Do not add button on image as shown above

You also want to make sure your promoted pin has long-term usage as it will be up FOREVER. So if it’s a fitness programme you want to sell, make sure it’s something that can be purchased forever.

Reasons Promoted Pins Get Rejected

  • Irrelevant targeting
  • Too many hashtags in description
  • Promotional material (10% off, etc.)
  • Price in description
  • No content on landing page
  • Calls to action on pin image

There’s also more information here on how to make the best pins for promotion:

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